Heads up!!! collection for sale soon

lafayette gregory

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This is the first place I am posting this. I am liquidating my VAST collection with the exception of what will fit in one safe.
If you are interested in any C&R pistol or rifle send me an email. I will be posting pics next week as I start the process. Most are collectible, all are shootable.
I have British enfields
Moisins/SVT/M38/M44/91-30/ "1899 all mfg"
Romak 3
Trap door "from Indian wars Mississippi militia"
Egyptian, Haikim, rasheed, SKS
1903, 1903a3
Viet Nam era 1911 Gov issue and marked. Ithaca
Nazi P28 spreework
a LARGE collection of sks's. Every variation except North Korean.
Swiss and Swede
M-1 carbines
Full auto, Auto ordnance with savage lower Thompson M1 - Yes, the bling bling Thompson has to go. :eek:
Full auto Reising
A vast collection of bayonets to fit most everything I have and some collectible bayo's that I cannot find rifles for.
This is a partial list, If you are looking for something special, give me an email, I likely have it and you guys get first pic. [email protected]
864-370-0388 Located in Greenville SC. I can bring anything to the Fall shoot. I will hold anything for a serious and honest collector/friend.
This is not a distress sale. Soo.. low balling will receive no response. I have not set prices on these items yet. So make me an offer and if it is market reasonable, it is likely it will be yours. My collection has gotton out of hand. Just ask Schultz, Andy or bow breaker. :lol:
Regardless there will be prices and pics next week for many items.


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Good luck with the sale. If you have a "beater" or shooter ak I'd be interested in seeing pics. It doesn't have or need to be pretty. But I do want it to be functional.

Thanks and good luck.


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proof that am man can love his wife. . . :lol:

seriously, I don't see any AR's in the list?


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That is some list. I'm looking forward to pictures, as well. I'll try not to offend your sensibilities or my wallet.