Hat and patch?


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The patch is cool and i noticed you guys wearing hats too. Question: Where did you have them made up?


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The hats say http://www.palmettoshooters.com I ran out of room on the hat to put the full URL, however, I also bought palmettoshooters.com and hav it pointed to the forum. if you go to http://www.palmettoshooters.comit will bounce you to http://www.palmettoshootersforum.com.

anyway, the hats are done individually, I can get them in pretty much any color and any thread color.
because there are so few in the run I don't get aprice break. the ones we have were about $15 with shipping.

If I can get up at least 10 or 12 I'll look for someone who can do it cheaper. I like that you can pick your color's though.

anyone who's interested, please PM Pops and we'll get you fixed up.
I still have 2 or three patches left if anyone missed them and wants one.