Happy Fort Sumter Day

Midnight Raver

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Frost said:
You mean the War of Northern Aggression...

Yeah, damn yankees. Different story when people spoke out about taxes and such less than 100 years before. :evil:

The only southern casualty was a mule- being the first of the war, it should have had a statue erected in his/her name. Is the mule's name listed anywhere? If not, they should make a Tomb of the Unknown Mule. Then make all visiting yanks and politicians(specifically Demokrats) kiss that Ass.


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Without getting into too deep of a Constitutional Law discussion-

The entire war was a completely contradictory exercise by the North. FE- The predecessor to international law stated that one could not blockade a part of ones own country. The Lincoln Administration stated that for all purposes international the CSA was to be treated as a foreign country, and for all matters domestic- as a part of the USA. Funny how they still had the cake after they ate it.