Hand Select or No?


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Given the option do you pay the hand select fee when ordering surplus guns?

$10 isn't a lot if it makes a big difference, but at the same time I don't want to toss it to the wind if its unnecessary.


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I have ordered hand selects for most of my purchases that I could not perform in person. Most of the time I have been very satisfied. Its kind of like insurance. Its not going to guarantee you get a excellent example, but it may endure you don't get a dung heap.

Some places charge $20 -$40 for a hand select. Add that to a $69 Mosin and it becomes a big part of the price.

I advise you to buy in person where you can. Some of the sponsors are close enough to drive to within a few hours, or they tour the local shows. Build a rapport with them and they may point you to a good one. Plus they help support this wonderful site.