H 3292, yet another thread


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Nov 17, 2010
Anderson, SC
So, the NRA has been working to clean up the verbiage of H 3292.


As a member of the NRA, I think the NRA, along with all of the people involved with it's legislative movement, should be releasing updates of the verbiage each time a change is proposed or amended to the bill, but I digress.

Anyway, I felt compelled to make sure the SC House Judiciary Committee knew how I felt about H 3292, which I have done MANY times in the past. Here is an new email I just sent every one of it's members:


You probably know about the things H 3292 has been through. Now the NRA is working with Thad Viers (R-68) and Mike Pitts (R-14) to "clean up" and amend some of the language with H 3292.

I would love H 3292 to pass as a constitutional, pro-2nd amendment, bill. I am not sure how the NRA will amend this bill, or what the bill's language will look like until the updated bill is released to the public, so this email is NOT an email to ask for you to "Support H 3292 with the NRA-backed language".

I have sent you this email is so you can read what I want South Carolina to stand for. I want "Constitutional Carry" in South Carolina. This means no permit is needed to carry a firearm concealed or un-concealed, whether the individual carrying a firearm is from South Carolina or not. As long as the firearm is not being used to commit a crime, carrying a firearm concealed or un-concealed should be completely legal everywhere in South Carolina.

Only owners of a private property should be the ones allowed to make the decision that a person can not carry on that private property. Carrying anywhere that is considered public property or state property, such as a state building, should be completely legal for everyone, as long as the firearm is not being used to commit a crime on that property.

I have stomach problems that makes concealing a handgun inside the waste band of my pants or shorts very uncomfortable, no matter the size or weight of the gun. I need to be able to open carry my firearm (carrying un-concealed, outside of the waistband), it is much more comfortable for me to carry this way. A person who is a South Carolina resident, or someone who is visiting from another state, should have the right to carry a firearm unconcealed, or concealed should they want to.

My wife is pregnant and it is impossible for her to conceal a firearm. My wife should have the option to open carry her firearm so that she can defend herself and our unborn child, if she needs to.

After my wife and I visited North Carolina, Virgina, and West Virginia a couple seeks ago, and legally open carried our firearms for protection, without a permit, we found it very hard going back to carrying concealed when we came back to South Carolina.

We have studied most of the states' laws for most of the the South East in preparation for traveling through those states. This has opened our eyes on how un-free SC is compared to the other states around us.

South Carolina is surrounded by states that allow open carry, yet South Carolina restricts residents and non-residents to only be able to carry concealed, if they have the proper permit; that is unconstitutional . Let's make South Carolina a place where everyone has the right to protect themselves whether they live here or are visiting. Let them have a choice on how to carry a firearm for protection, concealed or unconcealed, with no permit needed. Lets us show the rest of the United States of America that South Carolina is a state that is for freedom.

Please consider passing H. 3292! At this time, I am not sure how the bill will look like when you look over it to decide whether you support it and want to pass it or not, but you have read what I want for South Carolina. When H 3292 comes before you so that you can make a decision, you will know what I hope it entails.

H 3292 may, or may not, be everything needed to get South Carolina to stop infringing the God given right of the 2nd amendment, but I am sure it will be the step in the right direction.

Thank you for your time,