H.3292 is back in business...


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Lets hope all our email and calls stopped the bill from progressing. I know everyone in the committee is tired of hearing from me, lol.

Personally, I think it should killed and broken up into multiple bills, but here's hoping it gets amended to a true "constitutional carry" and "restaurant carry" bill.



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Here's an email form Jim Harrison on the current state H. 3292:

Thank you for your note. H 3292 is being returned to subcommittee and the
entire process will begin again ... from the start. The subcommittee,
should begin work again in the next few weeks.

Jim Harrison

The agenda for the 24th WAS on the House Judiciary Committee webpage, but is no longer available due to the updating of the "Scheduled Meeting" area. When the agenda was available for the 24th, I saw that H.3292 was on it. So, they talked about it, but no one transcribed the conversation. For some reason they don't release the "minutes" of sub committees like they do for the house and senate: