Gunshow Goodies


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The only new toy I found today was at Dick's Sporting Goods. A Marlin 795 for 99.98 with a 25.00 mail-in rebate from Marlin. It will make a great plinker, light training rifle with a Tech Sight or a great first rifle for a grandchild.


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I bought 100 rounds of .44 special to shoot in my .44 Mag....they are a lot less brutal than the .44 Mags.....but, I am going back in the morning...

Bob at Upstate Armory has a screaming deal on AR-15's.... a Plum Crazy complete lower for $99.00 and an M4 complete upper with bolt kit and all for $399. That is a complete AR-15 for $500.00...add rear sight and mags and ammo and go shooting....



I ran out of time Sat and didn't finish shopping at the show, gotta head back there today myself.

Saw a Kahr P380 that I'd like to have, hope I can work a deal on trading a NIB Keltec P3AT.

Picked up one of those Korean Glock mags for $10. Bought a few things for the AR's - YHM handguard cap, gas rings and a handguard removal tool.

When was the last time you found any SK 22LR ammo? I nabbed 100 rds and might have to get more today. They make the Wolf 22LR ammo which is awesome and really pricey.

I don't recall seeing the folks selling the leather goods before. Their stuff looked nice from a distance, I need to take a closer look.

The bad news was that VihtaVouri powder was scarce. Kirk at Southeastern only had 1 pound of 3N37 which came home with me. They have about given up even trying to stock it since it's never available from their distributor.

Had fun but got wet on the ride home since I rode the bike!!! I'll be in the truck today.


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Well, I went back today (Sunday) I firmed up a deal, and, I am now the proud of another 3" Kimber....And, the poor old Sig P238 is gone...

Also got a cool sight system for my AR-15...It is a clone, but, it works...

Now I am broke...



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Went today with a buddy & he bought the AR-15 upper & lower parts from Upstate Armory that fordnut mentioned yesterday. Looks pretty cool, I will let you know how it shoots!

fordnut said:
the poor old Sig P238 is gone
Steve, I am shocked! I thought that you loved that little Sig... does the new Kimber have the crimson trace also?


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Yes, I did love the little Sig...but, trading for the Kimber helped me to lose 1 caliber...the Sig was my only .380 and I have 4 .45's. so, another .45 made it a deal...

I had the Crinson Trace off my other Kimber, so they went on the new Kimber...(new to me)...