Gunbroker problem


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Has anybody else had a problem registering at gunbroker. I tried to register a few days ago and all was good until I tried to put a payment option in. It said my credit card failed so I double checked everything and tried again. Once again it said the same thing but this time it locked me out and said my account was under review. I really wouldn't be in a hurry but I wanted to bid on a rifle. The auction will be over soon! I don't see a number to call. Anyone have any ideas on speeding them up or am I just out of luck? :?: James


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If your registering for the first time you won't be able to bid right away you have to go through the payment setup process. They will test your payment method by submitting two very small deposits to see if it's valid, This usually takes a day or two. If you already have gone through the signup part then you can go through their support feature and you'll get help that way, There isn't any phone number.