Gun show weekend (Jamil Temple) Columbia SC


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Anybody going? As usual we'll be there - so be sure and stop by and say hi! We'll be directly across the room from our pals Bob & Jason from UAG.

You can't miss us!


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Anybody hit the show? You could say we sold a Mosin or two? Oh yeah - come take a look at our hex receivers! We normally sell them starting @ $159 - mention this forum tomorrow ONLY and get $20 off any hex reciever m91/30!

We don't have any boat anchors for sale.
ALL of our milsurps have been headspaced.
NONE of our hex receivers MN's are counterbored.

Other inventory:

3 m44's ($219).
2 m39's ($349).
2 m27's ($349).
1 k31 ($299).
Dragoon M91.
p38 ($438).
PSA stripped lowers/LPK's!

Stop by and say hi!