Gun show this weekend!


I was plannin to go, but there's a fly in my preparation H. Buy something unimaginably destructive for me. Aiming for tomorrow if everything resolves itself.


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Prices are coming down. Saw a SS Taurus 738 for $269. Best I've seen at the stores is $299.

Didn't buy anything. My business is down right now.


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Prices of black rifles are creeping down.
It is my belief that dealers still have a ton of rifles they paid to much for and are trying to hold out.
This is causing the price to be artificially high on things like AKs and low end ARs.
I am seeing assembly ARs being listed for more than a new factory assembled one.
That's fine when the assembly was done with high end parts but most often they are done with average grade or below components.
I also see used factory rifles for more or as much as new ones.
It's going to be a while before things level out completely.
We are still feeling the results of the obamination.