Gun show in Anderson this weekend?


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Only date posted is Fri the 22nd? I do remember last year someone going to a show down there and saying it wasn't worth the drive.


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they have it posted for the friday( vendor load day) and sat and sunday, 7 bucks a day or 10 for the weekend, if it is like the " boat shows" it aint worth the trouble better off going to the local pawn or jockey lot :lol: :shock:


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I went Saturday afternoon. About 50/50 gun to knife. I did not see many sales as prices were high.Not much ammo.I did pick up a savage 24h 22/410 in a trade,been looking for one of those for awhile. Next year if it is raining out I will return, if it is nice outside i will not. I am looking forward to the gville show feb 6,7, as i will have a table to rid myself of certain safe queens.