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The husbeast and I attended the show today in Ladson and had a great time.
It was wonderful to meet some new people and to see some old friends, best of all it looked like there was a great turnout and people were busy buying.
We went there to pick up some brass and to check out the mosins. Got a decent deal on the brass, but the real fun didn't start until we hit SCGunCO's booth and their big box of rifles. We have been in the market for good, sturdy, not too expensive rifles for the whole family and the mn 31/90 seemed to fit the bill. We did a bit of bargaining and then the fun really started. We spent the better part of an hour checking out every one of the 91/30's they had. The guys were very patient with us, cutting the zip ties and providing a bore light and a field gauge to check the headspace, even though they do that before they put them on the table. I was impressed with their quality. All of the rifles we looked at have original matching numbers. I didn't see any pitting, very little muzzle wear, the bores were clean and looked good on all the rifles we checked out. We didn't find a bad one in the bunch, although we did pick out the best ones :D They also gave us a great deal on a hex receiver Ex-Dragoon that was built in 1930. We're looking forward to many happy years shooting them.

After we got home we were checking them out and I showed the kids how to put on the bayonets. When I finished putting one on they started laughing. I asked them what was so funny and they said with the bayonet it's the same height that I am!

Thanks guys for your patience and kindness. We enjoyed spending time with you and we'll sure be back :)


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Awww - thanks! It was great meeting you & the husbeast (never heard that term before)?

It was a pleasure to meet you both and we're glad you like your new toys! Stop by anytime and say hi. We're moving our store to 14075 E Wade Hampton Blvd in Greer (as soon as our new FFL arrives). Hopefully that won't be too much longer..


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redheadbombshell said:
Next Gun Show in Myrtle Beach, SC at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center is January 28th-29th. Hope to see some familiar faces!!
Stop by and say HI to my Upstate Armory Group crew!! We will be there in full force.

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