Gun Sales Increase

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I just wanted to say THANKS to all who have been visiting me recently...A few have mentioned the forum. All I can say is business has been CRAZY...Did 180 transfers in Jan, 128 in Feb and Mar is already pushing 150 and we are only half way through....Its been so busy I had to hire an employee just so I could get other business done like painting and filling out class 3 paperwork..I was telling customers 3 week turnaround and it was taking 5 and that was with me painting in my shop to midnight daily...It was starting to affect customers which was unacceptable so I figured it was time to put someone on the books.

Just so you guys are aware I am in serious talks with a few investors and things are looking promising. I am looking at warehouses as we speak. I plan to have a very small showroom/ Sales/ service/ $15 transfers forever but the main business plan is to hit the e-commerce big and try and give buds gun shop a run for their money. So far I have some deep pockets backing me so I might actually be able to compete....My ultimate goal is to make some heavy ammo purchases and become a wholesaler for many brands.

More to follow in the next few months....Again THANKS. I wouldn't be where I am today without you folks supporting me and I don't plan to forget that like *** did when he went big.