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I thought it would be handy for us girls to have a thread where we could give our thoughts and reviews on guns we?ve shot/owned, or just want to know more about.
I'll start...

Rueger MK II
10 rounds + 1

This gun is just fun to shoot! It?s extremely accurate with virtually no recoil, it's light weight, fits well in a woman?s hand, and the ammo is cheap, so you can buy a big box and spend an afternoon plinking away at targets. We did have to replace the extractor on ours; apparently there was a factory defect where it didn?t have enough of an edge on it to properly pull the shell from the chamber. After replacing the part, this gun has performed flawlessly! Obviously designed more for fun at the range or competition rather than every day self defense, I?d still rate it as one of my favorite guns in our (still small) collection.



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Bersa Thunder , D/A-S/A
7 rounds + 1

Light, and slim, with low recoil. I never tried to conceal carry this firearm, but I?m sure given its weight and size it could be done easily. It was very accurate, a comfortable size for my hands and had a light trigger pull. While I personally prefer a larger caliber for self defense, it?s a good gun for starting out and well sized for concealed carry if you need to carry light.



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Sig Sauer p250 Compact, D/A only
15 rounds + 1

Even with the compact version, this gun was a bit too thick to comfortably conceal carry, and was definitely on the heavy side. While the recoil was snappy but manageable, the long trigger pull made it difficult to maintain consistent accuracy. The trigger pull is about 5-8 pounds (depending on whom you ask), and the only way I could shoot a full magazine was to stage the trigger, which probably accounted for my lack of accuracy. I didn?t have good grouping on my targets when I shot, but my husband was able to do just fine with it. One of Sig?s selling points for this gun is that you can buy conversion kits to swap between 9mm, 40 and 45 cal. However, the cost of the kit is almost as expensive as buying a second gun, so that didn't really do much for me.


When I'm allowed to go back to the range I'll have reviews on our Glock 27, Glock 36 and Keltec P3AT.


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Tell me a little more about the bersa Thunder.
I'm thinking about getting one for my wife.
has it ever failed to FTE, fire? jammed, or stove piped?
Will it digest most anything or is it finicky?
I really appreciate your thoughts on this.


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We did have a squib load with it once, but we were using some cheap Monarch ammo made in Serbia, and I think it was just a bad load. We'd gone through about half the box prior to that, and had thought it seemed a bit iffy, so after that faulty round we switched to some other ammo and kept shooting with no problems for the rest of the afternoon.

I think we owned that gun for about a year and never had a problem with jams, FTE or anything else, with the exception of the one squib load. It seemed to eat pretty much anything (except for that cheap ammo, and that ammo probably would have caused problems no matter what we put it through.)

The only reason we sold it was because my husband wanted something with a bigger caliber, so we replaced it with the Sig 9mm.


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I'm sorry if you didn't want a man in here at all. I bought this gun for my girlfriend today at the gunshow in Charleston. Curious on the thoughts of it for a woman who at the moment isnt fond of guns. -Shane



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Lol, men are welcome here, provided it's relevant to the topic :)

I haven't shot the Walther p22, but it looks like it would be fun, and it's an excellent caliber to start with IMO. Is your girlfriend not fond of guns in general or just not familiar with them? I've personally found that action targets (heck, even soda cans and empty ammo boxes!) are a lot more rewarding for new shooters to practice on than paper targets. So that might be a good idea to try if she's just new to shooting.

Also, she's more than welcome to come here and ask questions (don't have to be gun related; it can be anything!) and get to know some female shooters. We don't bite :D


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Thanks...I'm a Small Arms Instructor or SAMI for the Navy. Qualed a good bit of men in my time and she is in great hands. Her dad put a rifle and pistol in her hand without any training at all when she was very young and never touched them since. He is also a very aggressive person in nature and that intimidated her. So I will go the traininig route followed by a easy to use handgun till she gets his intimidation out of her system. I told her that if it isn't a hobby that she wants to share with me I understand but to humor me in teaching her how to use one for self defense. Thanks :D


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Mi Esposa

My wife has always had an interest in guns and it only became "acceptable" for her to indulge once we met, since I am a gun nut!

I showed her how to use the online gun forums and helped her isolate and find her "first gun" and set up a face to face purchase. She selected a Glock 36, subcompact .45 ACP.

She had gone to the range with me many times and also shot with me a bunch at home. She was familiar with my Glock 26 (subcompact 9mm) and wanted a baby Glock to call her own. She shoots the gun well and loves it!

She now has a Springfield XD9SC as her second gun (she said she wanted a 9mm to compliment her .45) and she is working on getting a Short Barrel Rifle AR-15.

She has shot my AKs (both full-size and "Krinkov" shorties), my ARs, and played around with my other long guns. Her common complaint is all of them being "front heavy." The solution? An AR-15 with a 7 or 10 inch barrel.


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shane361 said:
Thanks...I'm a Small Arms Instructor or SAMI for the Navy. Qualed a good bit of men in my time and she is in great hands. Her dad put a rifle and pistol in her hand without any training at all when she was very young and never touched them since. He is also a very aggressive person in nature and that intimidated her. So I will go the traininig route followed by a easy to use handgun till she gets his intimidation out of her system. I told her that if it isn't a hobby that she wants to share with me I understand but to humor me in teaching her how to use one for self defense. Thanks :D

Lol, I did not know that. Guess I should be coming to you for advice, not the other way around! Glad to hear she's in such great hands and that you're encouraging her with the mindset for self defense especially. If you don't mind, I'd love it if you or she would post her opinions/feedback after shooting it. Doesn't have to follow any format or anything, just what she thought of it. :)

Avtomat-Acolyte - any possibility of her sharing her thoughts on these guns and how they handle for her? We ladies tend to have different experiences than our men even when shooting the same firearm, due to our smaller hands, shorter stature, etc. Does she carry daily or only use her guns for the range?

The more contributions we have, the better! Guys, allow me to extend a formal invitation to your ladies to join the boards. It's currently a bit lonely here in the Girl's section ;)


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Curious to hear what the ladies think.......
Looking for a handgun for the wife who has just recently started going to the range with me again. She's rather petite, small hands, and upper body strength is an issue. She would prefer an auto, I only have a Sig 226 in 9mm and Glock 23 in 40. she does ok with the 9mm but after her first round she put the 40 down. We can both agree on a single stack mag though.
Probably best for a 380 or 9mm, say $450 max for a new pistol. NO rimfire cartridges.
If it ends up a 380, what ammo is most effective? She won't carry one, Just for the home and extended out of town business trips. Planning on a dog for home as well. Suggestions on breed?
Medium size dog, no more than 40-50 lbs.

Thank You Ladies
Maybe this time I can convert her to a gun fan.


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The Bersa Thunder .380 is a very economical tried and true hand gun. I own one and I like to shoot it.
I wold recommend it for anyone who wants to get into self defense training.
I bought mine from a Box store, they put them on sale perodically, but there are plenty available out there for under $300.
The recoil is mannagable, much more so than the little pocket pistols like the Keltec P3AT or the Ruger LCP. Those things are extreamly concealable, but they're a handfull to shoot.

As for FTF and stovepipes, I've not had either, but I think limp-wristing and using "bunny fart" loads to try and get the recoil down are the two most common causes of both. Limp-wristing can only be resolved by practising a solid hand grip style.
As for bunny farts . . .get a bigger bunny :lol:



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The black pistol in my sig is a ported Taurus 609 357 mag. She loves it and carries it. We looked at all the lite weights when we were searching for her's. She didn't like them. They stung her hand to much. But, the 609 being all steel and ported, it does not sting. We rented a bunch of guns for her to try and this was the best fit. Let me know if you want an up close picture.


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Close-up? Absolutely, thanks.

I remember some time ago there were some pistol/s with a "flip-up" barrel. I think one was a Beretta 380. Anybody? Might be useful for Grandad as well.
I'll keep the Bersa in mind.


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thebrasilian said:
The black pistol in my sig is a ported Taurus 609 357 mag. She loves it and carries it. We looked at all the lite weights when we were searching for her's. She didn't like them. They stung her hand to much. But, the 609 being all steel and ported, it does not sting. We rented a bunch of guns for her to try and this was the best fit. Let me know if you want an up close picture.

Is that your entire inventory or your go-to guns?
When I was living in NC, the country folk (and family as well) ragged on me about having hi-cap pistols, my Mini-14, and (at that time) and 18 inch bbl shotgun.


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The flip-up barrel Beretta, in .380, was the model 86. It is no longer manufactured and is sold for a premium price now. It was exceptionally accurate.


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Springfield Armory XD sub-compact 9mm.

This is my EDC. It was purchased used in 2007.

It is available in Bi-tone as seen here, all black, dark earth, and OD Green. It can be had with trijicon night sights and heinie tritium slant pro night sights. This one has stock sights. It has an accessory rail and I hope to find a little light to put on there soon. Capacity is 10+1 for the standard mags and 16+1 for the manufacturers extended mags. It has a 3" barrel and total dimensions are approximately 5" long, 4.5" high (with extended mag) and 1-1.25" wide. The weapon has a grip safety and a trigger safety.

Out of the box: it came with a plastic owb holster, a 2 mag carrier, mag loader, a 10 round mag, manual, cleaning brush, a hard carrying case and a lock. I purchased 2 extended mags, also shown. The holster isn't anything special and I do not like it, it rides too high, isn't adjustable at all and the gun constantly feels as though it's about to tip over. I do find the mag loader useful and use that all the time. The mag holder is a mag holder.

It takes a beating and keeps on going. I've fired some really crappy rounds with it and have only had issues with it twice. It double fed once and then stovepiped the next two rounds. I dropped the mag and banged it and the gun on the counter at the lane I was on and it fired fine after some crud fell out. The other time it stovepiped was while I was practicing just before taking my CWP and it fired clear after I banged it on my hand although I did have a slight issue with getting the mags seated and had to slap them in pretty hard after that. Both times I was using some really cruddy ammo that my husband scrounged up somewhere. A good cleaning fixed the issue until I fired the craptastic ammo again. Boy I'm glad that's gone!

it's very comfortable, light weight and easily concealed. With the 16 round mags it fits my hand to a T, and the finish is quite durable. It does not have a heavy recoil but I wouldn't expect one from a 9mm even with a light sub-compact such as this. It has a nice, light, crisp trigger but in my opinion the trigger safety makes the beginning of the pull feel a little mushy.
One of the things I like about the XD is that there is a little pin that protrudes out the back when the action has been worked but the trigger has not been pulled, and there is a small black piece just behind the ejection port that lifts when there is a round in the chamber. While every weapon is always loaded, it's helpful to be able to look at it and have an idea of what to expect when you clear it.

the pin

the metal piece
(sorry about the picture quality, my cell phone is my camera.)

The Drawbacks:
The spring on mine is a bit stiff. When I bought it we thought it had barely been used because the spring was stiff, but I've personally sent close to three thousand rounds down range and it hasn't loosened up noticeably. I do not know if this is an issue with all the XD's or if mine is a special case, or even had a super sturdy spring installed (I believe it was a range rental prior to my purchasing it) but I'd make sure that the shooter can rack the weapon they're looking at purchasing and perhaps try a few to see if there's a difference. It's not difficult to work the action, but you have to get a good grip and push with both hands.

The slide lock is very thin and almost flush with the frame which makes it difficult to manipulate at times. This is something many XD owners complain about and there is an after market slide lock that can be purchased, however the people who manufacture it are so overwhelmed with the demand that it's difficult to get so I haven't tried to order one yet. I'm thinking of modifying it myself with a bit of epoxy putty or something.

I have wide hands with short fingers so when it has the 10 round mag in the grip is just a hair too short for my hand, with the 16 round mags it's perfect. There is an aftermarket little doodad that you can add which is basically a triangular pinky rest for use with the 10 round mags, you can use the extended round mags with it if you take the plastic spacer off of the end. I think I'll stick with the extra mag capacity and the plastic spacer, it feels more solid to me. There are third party extended mags that will carry even more rounds, but to my mind that defeats the purpose of having a compact weapon.


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I know, it looks a bit weird, but it's a great little gun.
Walther P-22 double action semi-automatic, 10 round magazine fires .22 lr, it has an accessory rail and ambidextrous mag release and safety. It also has an adjustable backstrap on the grip but we haven't fiddled with that.

It has two barrels available for it, a 3" and a 5", the 5" uses a barrel mounted weight conpensator to cover the extra inches. Ours has the 5" barrel, but the screw that holds the compensator on stripped out about a year after we bought it and we haven't gotten around to purchasing a 3" barrel for it yet. Walther has assured us that it is perfectly safe to fire the weapon without the compensator and we have put probably close to 30k rounds through it since without a problem.
One of the interesting features of this fun little gun is that the muzzle screws off and there are accessories that can be screwed in such as a suppressor.
This little guy was manufactured in 2002 and we picked it up third hand in 2006. The second owner was a dedicated plinker, we bought it because I was looking for a small calibre pistol to take care of snakes and other vermin in the yard and my husband wanted an easy gun for everyone to learn on. This was the first pistol that I enjoyed firing and I have a big soft spot for it in my heart.

When fired as a double action it has a 12 pound trigger pull which can be a bit much for my kids, but in single action it's reduced to about 5 pounds and works a treat for them. The slide can be a little sticky and will suck up the grease.
I don't care for bobbed hammers, which this weapon is designed with, but it's not a big deal for me because of the double action. If it were single action it would be irritating.
It came to us with one old magazine that was causing feed issues so we purchased a recently made replacement with a 1 inch stagger slot and that resolved the issue. This is a known issue, the magazine that we got with the gun was from the first generation of magazines and was older than the gun itself. They are now on the third generation of magazines for this gun, I believe.

Besides the compensator stripping out, the original barrel is, in my opinon, about ready to be replaced. It's started heating up quite a bit more than it used to and once it gets hot it has feed issues. This weapon had seen quite a bit of use and a fair bit of neglect before we got it which I think may have caused excessive wear. I don't know exactly how many rounds it fired before it came to us, but the guy told us he speed shot about a brick a week for the three years he'd had it. My calculator says that's 780,000 rounds! Because it's been heating up we decided earlier this year to retire it from plinking and just do yard patrol with it until we can purchase the 3" barrel. It handles snake shot just fine :)

This has been a really fun and great little weapon for us once we got the magazine issue sorted. It fits all but the largest hands in our family very well, it's well balanced, the ambidextrous features it has are really handy since we do have a south paw in our family, and it's been a fantastic little gun for the kids to learn cleaning and gun safety with. There is very little recoil, it's not very loud and it's not intimidating for the timid. My daughter just loves it and has already staked her claim on it but she's going to have to wrestle me for it.


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Glock 23C
.40 cal
Mag capacity 10+1, 13+1, 15+1 (shown)

This piece has been my husband's EDC for 10+ years. I don't care for it at all.
Oh, the gun works fine, is accurate, and doesn't have any problems but this is the weapon my husband had me use for months when I first started. It is just big enough that it cants very slightly to the right just enough so that the recoil slams the corner of the grip into the center of my palm and causes cramping and weakness before I'm through a full magazine. He and I both thought my hands just needed to toughen up until the range master pulled us aside and said let's try a weapon that fits her hands better. I very nearly gave up on handguns and getting my CWP because it hurt. Fortunately my husband found the Walther P-22 above, which I thought I was going to hate and only agreed to get for vermin control, but I loved it and I began to really enjoy shooting. I can handle the glock better now without hurting myself, if I need to, but my early experience with it has made me hesitant to try larger calibres. I guess I need to suck it up but I like my little 9...


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This is my Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 ga Shotgun.
Capacity= 6/ 2.75 in shells or 5/ 3 in shells.
This particular model is discontinued but the current lines of 870's seem to be fine weapons also.

We have no idea how old it is, it used to belong to my husband and he thinks he got it from his father who picked it up sometime during his LEO days. It's a bit beat up but it works flawlessly. It has a kick, but it's not bad and I got used to it pretty quickly. It shoots a nice, tight cone and while I haven't put slugs through it my husband says it's pretty accurate. This is a great home defense weapon, and nothing says time to go like the sound of the slide racking.

I'm planning on refinishing this bad boy sometime this year.