Gun Appraisers Summerville/Charleston


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Anyone how this is done'round here?
I have a client that wishes to get rid of his collection but wants them appraised first.

Suggestions maybe?

HHB Guns

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I have done appraisals several times for peoples estates and collections. I have a current gun blue book. It not hard to do. I can even help him offload his collection and you wont find a cheaper consignment. 3% to me and 3% to gunbroker. I want him to get the most for his guns because the more he makes the more I make. I have plenty of references. I have one collector who has offloaded his entire 150 gun collection over the last two years and I have sold every one ranging from $150-$82,000. Let me know.


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Maybe you could put a list on here and we could give offers if interested. It helps everyone on the forum out. HHB can do the transfers.