Ramsey Damgoode

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I'm in West Columbia & just picked up a business card for the forum here at the gun shop on my way home today. Been shooting pretty regularly for 'bout a year and a half now. Didn't fire anything for about 10 yrs. before that since I got out of the Gaurd. Been thinking about getting into some IDPA action or something similiar to make it interesting. I love feeding my XD a couple hundred rounds at the range, but after a while of standing still shreading targets I'm ready to make practicing a little more interesting. Right? :D


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Glad you could make it...Make yourself to home....

I find the best way to keep from getting bored with target shooting is: take more guns with you...then, you have way more fun, and, spend way more money on ammo...


Ramsey Damgoode

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Thanks yall...

I do take my smaller Taurus PT709 Slim & sometimes my 12 gauge pump with me... Don't get me wrong, either way I enjoy it. I have found though that I don't really care for the PT709. I bought it for a carry gun, but between the trigger having so much travel in it before it fires and the trigger gaurd biting into my middle finger, I'm gonna just trade it in on a sc9mm xd...


Welcome to the forum!
I agree with Fordnut, I like to take a variety of guns when I go to the range.
I'll shoot some things a few times and others a box or so, but my targets are sometimes the safest thing at the range . . .