Greetings from the Upstate


Feb 13, 2012
Upstate SC
Hello everyone, My name is Justin and I am 23 years old, lived in upstate South Carolina my entire life. I work at Best Buy Mobile selling mobile phones, and I am also a full-time student going for a Bachelors in Sociology with hopes of getting into Law Enforcement. I happened to come across this forum by random luck while browsing google, poked around a bit and figured I would make a profile and see if I could make some new friends. I have been around firearms my entire life, but only recently took an interest in actually pursuing it as a hobby and wanting to better myself at it. I have my CWP and a Springfield XDM 40. is my current carry gun. I also recently bought a Daniel Defense M4 V5 on Black Friday, and have started taking an interest in rifle marksmanship, a particular area that I am lacking in greatly as I have little experience with weapons of that sort. Hoping that I might find some like-minded folks who are more experienced in that area and would like to share some pointers for a beginner :).

Hope everyone is having a great week and I look forward to meeting you all!


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Oct 4, 2009
Hanahan, SC
Welcome to the Forum...This is a great place to meet friends with like passions...

You need to keep watching...Shootzenfest/Spring will be anounced soon...That is something not to miss....


The General

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Nov 19, 2009
Welcome!! You said "...and have started taking an interest in rifle marksmanship..."

If you want to shoot long distance, in the York/Lancaster County area, you can join Charlotte Rifle and Pistol club and shoot at their outdoor range up to 300 yards (full disclosure - I'm not a member nor involved with the club).

Check out their website for Military rifle matches and the National Match competitions. Both are excellent ways to exercise marksmanship with a rifle.

There is plenty of info on becoming a marksman available. Basically, sight alignment and trigger squeeze. You ain't a marksman unless you're shooting with iron sights. Scopes are OK for hunting, but if you want to become a Marskman, its iron sights only, baby!!

You can also check out the Appleseed program. Google it.

Don't forget the FREE 100yd ranges in the SC state parks (Google Leeds Rifle Range).

Good luck!