Greetings from spartanburg

Midnight Raver

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Glad to have you here, just don't break any more bows- a bow is a terrible thing to waste.

P.S.: Just dug my Bear recurve out of the closet friday night. Time to shop for new arrows!!! :twisted:


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lol well thank you. The name Bow_breaker applies because I am a Bowyer. I produce primitive and semi modern/traditional archery equipment by hand our of natural materials.

Sometimes the design and material gets stressed and My shop gets blasted in wood/bamboo particles....not to often tho, im getting better :)


Hell ya, I'd like to see some pics of your bow work.
I have a friend who used to be (long ago) into Japanese Archery. He'd likely be interested to.

and Welcome to the forum!



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ty for the welcome...go to the "role your own" section. I have a topic with a couple of pics. I only have 2 or three bows right now. I either traded or sold the rest...time to make more.

I traded my last one for a pa-63 :)