greetings from james island!


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hello everyone A nice fellow gave me a card with this site on it today at twin ponds...I reg awhile back but forgot all about this site, glad I got the card to remind me. Any how ..we all had a great time this morning at twin ponds ..2nd day out with my new baby...springfeild a1 loaded I love this gun!!! First time I took it to the range and only put 100 rounds though it but today it was 300 :D few hundred 223 and 100 22 though the AR, 150 rounds 9mm in the XDm so it was deff a great day was nice, met a few realy nice folks, cant ask for more.

So if you were out there today deff say hello


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Welcome to the Forum. Usually go to Boggy Head but anyplace is a good place to shoot. Glad you decided to join us.


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thanks everyone
Have any of you been to the new range in west ashley? Im planning on going tomarrow. Boy is it going to be nice not to have to drive so far to go shoot!
welcome mesa50w. I am on James Island also. I joined the new range in west ashley today. Nice place, very clean and simple. Highly suggest checking it out.