Greenville gunshow

Greenville gunshow is this weekend the 24th and 25th. BBtwice from overyonder and I will have a table. I think Hannam will have one too. Mine is table 204 on isle B in the center. I will be handing out Palmetto shooters cards, so y'all stop by and talk - you can buy some good c&R stuff too. I am the big guy with long hair dangling in the back.
Thanks, Lafayette

Red Hat

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Hannam won't be there. He's going to be out of town this weekend. I'll try to look you up tomorrow! I'll be the big guy in an electric wheelchair wearing a brown USAF cap.
We did ok. Everyone there said it was the slowest show in years! I sold some accessories but only three guns. Had hundreds of people look at the C&R stuff I had, but nowbody had any cash. Everybody thought our table was the museum table. We even had folks go get other people just to show them our rack. I kept hearing "I remember when these were 39.99 in a barrel at k mart". My answer was always - And I remember .32 cent a gallon gas too! Sunday was better than Saturday. But on Sunday we had to put up with all the politicians. It was kinda fun just people watchin. Their are some DAMN scary lookin people at that Greenville show. I guess I never paid much attention before because I was always lookin down at the tables. It gets kinda scary when ya stop and look around. Musta been a lot of NC people at the show, I saw a lot of guys missin their front teath and they talked like Gomer Pyle. :p I guess those folks from over younder decided to make a trip south. :lol:
Thanks to all you guys who stopped by our table. We enjoyed jawin for a while. Even if we did not sell anything, we had a lot of fun.
I think we will do the September show also.