Greenville Gunshow 11-12


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Who's going? I received a postcard that said they will have 600 tables!! :twisted: :twisted: Is that the norm? I don't think we get that many here in Columbia. Maybe about half that.

I'll be there. Looking for Mosin Nagants.

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I'll be there in tow with a couple of buddies.

One of them is looking for a decent 12g pump for the house. Nothing fancy. Anybody got anything they want to sell??



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I will be there as well.

There is more tables than you think. It is going to be a big show.



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OK, you've all piqued my interest. I may go if for nothing more than to count the tables. I'll need to remember not to take my OCD meds that day. But seriously, I went to the last show late on Sunday afternoon when they were wrapping up. I talked to a man who appeared/claimed to be the purveyor of the show. He was claiming 700 tables. Consider many vendors have multiple tables, and they may have a bunch of extras stacked up against the wall. If anyone else gets a good count, post your number here.


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SmokinTurkey said:
Alright folks don't forget to count the tables. Lol. I'll be in line around 8:30 or so wearing a forum shirt. :)
Didn't see ya, I had a forum shirt on as well. I managed to find some goodies, A good deal on a pair of Wilson 47D mags, Picked up a magpul buttstock from Bob, spoke with P1 also and saw Tigerstripe. Man was that place packed I went through twice just in case I missed anything and was out by about 11:45.

BTW I lost count of the tables...... :lol:
I did a quick estimate of tables, and can believe there were 700.

I didn't find anything that I had to have, so I saved my money. I had to get out of the crowd after two laps.

I found the show to be different than the shows I'm used to up in Virginia. Not bad just different.


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The show had a lot more than the typical Columbia show. Love the old military dodges. I thought most prices were a little high but I'm cheap. Mosins and ammo were $20 more than what i just paid. I bought a book.


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I checked out the trucks they were cool. Did anyone see the guy walking around with the BAR? I never did get a chance to see what he wanted for it.