Great Scope for the Money


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Don't know if this has already been reviewed or not but I just wanted to pass on some information on a great scope I found. Now I usually only shoot out to 200 yards so it isn't one of those "super sniper scopes" but for plinking or hunting you can't beat it. Simmons 8-point is the name and model. I purchased it from Amazon for around 48.00, that's right only 48.00 with free shipping. I have one on an AR build, a new AR10 and a M1A pellet rifle, the pellet rifle is another story all together. It works great, has good eye relief and holds zero on the AR10 so what more could you want.

Try it you'll like it for the money!


I am pretty sure the 4x version of that is what is on my son's little 22. For the price I'd have to agree.


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3-9x32 for <$40, high stars. I had a Simmons on a 300 Win Mag - held zero but not enough eye relief (important on a 300 Win Mag!!!)