Got this email today from palmetto gun rights


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That is why we go to the trouble of carrying a firearm!

We train, we get the best equipment we can afford, and we comply with the onerous legal hurdles that the politicians place in front of us, just so we can defend ourselves, our family, and loved ones.

But now State Rep. Bakari Sellers and State Sen. Robert Ford want to compromise your ability to defend yourself.

They want to remove your right to Stand Your Ground against a deadly attacker when you have judged that is the necessary thing to do!

That?s right, they both have introduced legislation that if passed, would eliminate your right to Stand Your Ground and defend yourself against a deadly attacker.

Heaven forbid that you are ever put in the situation where you must use your weapon for self-defense.

But, if you are, these two politicians want you to be dragged in front of a judge to prove that your decision to defend yourself, rather than turn your back on the deadly attacker, was the right choice.

Only you, in that dire moment, can be the judge of what is necessary to protect life and limb.

There is no way a judge, sitting in the safety of his court room, could ever correctly second guess what you decided was necessary in those few seconds of decision between life and death.

Yet, that is what Rep. Sellers and Sen. Ford want to happen.

You could easily face charges of murder, simply because you had the bad fortune of crossing paths with a desperate criminal who has little value for your life, or the life of your family.

No, South Carolina must keep our law that recognizes your inherent right to Stand Your Ground and meet force with force, even deadly force when YOU judge it is necessary.

You don?t need to be wasting those precious few seconds between life and death second guessing what a liberal, activist judge will think.

The only thing on your mind at that time should be what you need to do to protect your life, and that of your family and loved ones.

That?s why Palmetto Gun Rights needs your help!

We must stop these bills from becoming law.

This battle is not without cost!

Not only is there cost associated with maintaining a first rate website where you can find the status of these bills and others and an e-mail list that is quick to inform you of dangers as soon as they arise . . .

. . . but PGR also needs to have enough cash on hand to quickly deploy radio ads in key legislators districts to alert their constituents to turn up the heat.

We?ll also need a war chest ready to deploy mail and phone calls when needed to protect your right to self-defense -- to keep and bear arms -- unencumbered by gun-hating politicians and bureaucrats!

Please, chip in today so we can stop the attack on your right to stand your ground that was launched by liberal Rep. Bakari Sellers and Sen. Ford today!


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Just sent Sen. Ford a message.

Please if you live in the Charleston are contact him with you comments about this. Without you he will keep charging.
Nice. They took a page out of the NRA's play book. Here is a bunch of scary stuff, now send us some money.

Mail already sent to my reps and others involved. Only coat me a couple bucks worth in stamps.