Got introduced to The Gunshop in Walhalla today.

Scott J

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Dec 22, 2011
Seneca, SC
Co-worker wanted to go at lunch today. I was extremely tempted by a S&W model 36 flat latch in nickel but I just can't spend any major money while we still have our house back in AL.

I did pick up a Kimber Kimpro Tac-Mag to see if it drops free from my PT1911 when empty. Glad it does so now I have 3 mags that drop free from the Taurus so I can run it in IDPA.

It's a nice shop. I'll certainly be back.

Crunchy Frog

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Jan 16, 2010
They are good folks. I was watching GunBroker for a Lipsey's exclusive that is relatively hard to find. I was in Walhalla one day and stopped in (always do) and what do you know; they had one in the case, for less than the best price I'd seen on Gunbroker with shipping factored in.

I came back a couple weeks later to buy it and since I was not paying by credit card they reduced the price a little which made it a very good deal.

On one of my first trips to the store I was thinking of buying a shotgun for clay shooting. The sales guy gave me a rundown of the different Benelli models. I didn't buy a gun that day but I remembered how I was treated so I've been back. They are about an hour away but The Gunshop is one of my favorite local gunstores.