Got another .380, a Keltec P3AT


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Decided to buy a BUG, and to use as something the wife (C_Carson on this forum) or I could take if somewhere if we needed to conceal reallt deep. I picked up a Keltech P3AT, which is chambered in .380 ACP, from Bob at Upstate Armory Group. Thanks Bob! This will be our 2nd .380, the first being a Bersa Thunder.

This thing is SMALL! I'm going to the Philson Crossroads range to shoot test it out this Sunday.

Here some pics of it and some comparison pics with my RIA Compact 1911:











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I carried my P3AT BUG with a ArmaLaser for years until I bought my Kahr P380. I still get it out and shoot it every so often. It's the gun that started the mouse gun craze a few years back. Just about everyone has copied their design. After Ruger came out with the LCP everyone introduced a similar firearm. So you can't go wrong with the original! ;)


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Just got back from the range a few hours ago. I was NOT expecting the accuracy this thing delivered. 25 to 30 yards shooting gallon milk jug. Definitely had to take my time and concentrate, but still, it was surprising.

Rapid fire pretty controllable until my hands starting hurting.

Shot 50 rounds of Sellier & Bellot through it and a a few rounds of of Blazer Brass.

I got a De Santis holster yesterday that is thinner than my wallet when the gun is in it, I think that's pretty sweet considering I'm used to carrying this 1911.

Also shot 150 rounds through my 1911, 150 rounds through the wifes Glock 27, and hundreds upon hundreds of rounds through a Walter P22.