Good place to go in Myrtle Beach?


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I have to head there to help my brother pick up his "new to him" Harley.

Any recommendations?
What part of the state are you traveling from?

Travel down to Murrells Inlet and get some good seafood. If you never been to a Brazilian Style Restaurant, there's Rioz near broadway at the beach. If you are traveling up to myrtle Beach, you have some good places in pawley's Island (Franks) and Georgetown The River Room is my personal favorite one along the way... Franks comes in a close second.




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In North Myrtle try Rossi's for Italian/seafood combo - Chestnut Hill for absolutely delicious seafood - Cagney's Old Place for a more "cosmopolitan" atmosphere.
No slop bars here, and no cheepo pricing either. Middle of the road, $20 to $40 a plate plus yer adult beverages or not. enjoy !!


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da beach, where the water (and sights) are.


there is a state park on the beach where you can camp. we paid $20/ night and threw up a tent last year. it was may or june. call in advance.