Good day on the range today.


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May 7, 2010
Irmo, SC
A friend and I went to the local club today. He's an x Marine and is getting ready to take his CWP class. So we did the qualification drill that I went through. He hasn't used a lot of handguns so he's a little hesitant. He should pass. After that part we did some self defense drills. I found out that Marines are trained more with the "taking the fight to the enemy" than shooting for self defense. This was enjoyable and we both learned a lot.

I shot with my PT145 (about 120 rounds), my wifes 605 (20 rounds 357 mag) and my AR15.

Earlier this year we went to buy the Marine his first handgun. He was going to get a Colt 1911. I introduced him to the PT1911. He now has 2 of them and is going to purchase a 911 soon.