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Glock 17L

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I thought I'd add this little tip that I got from another forum of putting a trigger stop in a glock to limit the over travel in the trigger..
I've done this on my 17L Target pistol & it's never failed to fire, You have to have a small amount of over travel due to the way the trigger bar drops down at the very end of the travel..
I'm going to give the link to the rugerforum were truthbutrelative originally posted this, On Page 2 at the bottom is my pictures, I used a 4-40 screw that makes the trigger housing a bit stronger & also added a piece of electric tape to the front of the housing to tighten it up in the frame to remove flex..




Glock 17L

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I believe that Lone Wolf uses a 6-32 set screw but I used a smaller 4-40 that I have for putting in Ruger MKII triggers for pre travel adjustment..
Also NOTE: that I used 2-3 wraps of teflon tape on the set screws back half to help lock it into place so vibration won't change it placement, but it screws into polymer anyhow & I used one size smaller bit than you would use with metal to leave as much threads in the polymer as possible.. The screws can be bought @ Home Depot or Ace Hardware very cheap, You do want to smooth the tip that touches the trigger bar flat & polish it up for best results..

Glock 17L

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I held it in my left hand & used a pin vise to hold & twist a smaller bit threw first by hand & then enlarged the hole the same way, making sure the bit was centered & in the middle of were the trigger bar rests when at the end of it's travel, this could change slightly one pistol to the next as each trigger bar is slightly different..
I was afraid of drilling it with either a cordless drill or my dremel tool..
For those not familiar with what a pin vise is I'll attach a picture with a bit in it, It's a very handy goody..