Glock Glock Torture Test


This has been around for a while and was recently discussed by our friends over at but in case you have not seen it before here is the end all be all torture test of a Glock. ... id=90&Item

The first time I looked at this I thought of Frost, I could see him doing crap like this to prove a point.

Midnight Raver

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Probably because everyone knows you are afflicted with Glockoma...

not that it's a bad thing though. :cool:

Moscowchusetts has pretty much immunized the populace from having them. The only ones allowed are a select few certain versions that are refurbished former law enforcement pistols.

Then again, Moscowchusetts is afraid of the Ruger 10/22 rifle because you can customize it and make it into a dreaded "Assault Rifle"! :roll:


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Oh you mean that affliction that I developed when I got a Glock so I could shut up a friend who kept going on and on about them.
I think I might need an antiglockotic shot or something.


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IT is always interesting to see how many things they can come up with to test the ruggedness of a Glock
Does anyone know what the competition has been up to?

I guess competition would be the 1911's and the revolvers?

I bought a book on the glock. and it lists another dozen or so test with similar results.
very good all around self defense weapon. I would be interested to see Glock ghmb build a rifle.

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