Glock Smoothing The Trigger Safety

Glock 17L

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I thought I'd give a tip on how I smooth the safety on the Glock that's in the center of the Trigger face, These can be very rough or sharp & cause a blister on your trigger finger..
I just use a few different grits of sandpaper, For these pictures I am using an old G17s trigger bar who's trigger face was swapped for a G26s , That's why there's a hole in the RH side of the trigger face body, I didn't warm it when hammering the pin out as it's trash anyhow, On the one that got the replacement the hole came out smooth & was filled with a micro dab of JB Weld. See Frost's Post about that..
I used 180, 400, 600 grit sandpaper & a piece of scotch brite pad to smooth the trigger safety around a dowel about the same size as my trigger finger & finished sanding with the actual trigger finger, I wasn't trying to remove the serations from the trigger as this is done by replacing the trigger bar with a smoothed face one or swapping the trigger face if you have a Glock 36..
You just want the safety to be flush when depressed instead of sticking out s it does factory plus be smooth & rounded on the edges & at the bottom all done with the sandpaper & finish with the scotch brite pad, You can also clean up your final sanding job with some armourall to give the luster back to the polymer or even some oil etc..I didn't do this for the pictures but does make the finished product look & feel better, this trigger bar is going back in my junk box as it's already gave it's life for another trigger fix..

Sandpaper 180,400,600 grit, Scotch Brite Pad, Toothpic & Dowel

Toothpick Holding Safety Forward

NOTE: Bur on Trigger Safety

Safety Extended Out

Safety From Side Before

Safety From Side After

Safety Smoothed Face View

Glock 17L

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I forgot to add that the toothpick is really only used for when your rounding the edges of the safety after you've matched the safeties profile to the face of the trigger, It's very handy for this..
Any other questions please ask away..
Don't be scared, It's hard to do it wrong & makes a HUGE Difference on how the pistol handles, shoots & will make your trigger finger very happy..