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I just aquired a 3rd gen G22 from a freind in a trade, to good to pass on. This is my second 40, I had a HK USP that I just never warmed up to. I had not planned on starting another caliber, but as i said it was to good to pass on.

My question is the caliber conversion 9mm barrel for the G22 worth fooling with ?, I have plenty of G17 mags and 9mm ball for my G26 and sub 2000 and figure I might try the conversion barrel or just trade it for G17 or G19.

Any opinions or advice welcome.


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Red Hat said:
Hey, Hamman...don't you have enough boat anchors by now? :D
When I can't close the doors on the safes I will have enough. I have become pretty good at safely bringing in new aquisitions without the little lady paying any notice. I have not figured out how to slip another safe past her.

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Glockoma is a good thing to be afflicted with, just ask Frost...

you know they are a good thing if Moscowchusetts wants to curb them. ;)

Seriously though, Glock has so many conversions, options and commonalities that they are too good to pass up on. Besides, they are even more reliable than Kalashnikov products- and THAT speaks volumes about them! :cool:


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The Glock advice has been appreciated. The problem has been solved by a scattergun. I sent the G22 on its way and brought this home.

The trade sprirts have been good to me of late.


A Glock is always a good choice for a handgun, there are lots of other good guns to choose from as well.
I will wade in here, all be it late, since you let the Glock go, the thingsI like about Glock is that there are tons of aftermarket tricks and add-ons, lots of market for them buying and selling and for abotu $125 you can have two guns in one.
I bought a 9mm conversion barrel for my G22 and by using the G17 or G18 magazines I have two Glocks. I can shoot cheaper in 9mm or harder in .40. everything else is exactly the same. There is also a .357 sig conversion if you like that round.
I'm not totally certain, but I think this, kind of drop in conversion ability is not as common with some of the 1911's? somebody tell me if I'm wrong. I own a Ruger PD89, which is their version of the 1911 in 9mm and I don't think it will convert. (I really like to shoot that gun though)

And it's not just about inexpensive practice rounds. .40 and 9mm being very common, if I had a .40 in my hand and need to scrounge for extra ammo, I would surely find only 9mm. for a small amount of space in my tool bag, I can use either round. If it would convert up to a .45 I'd have to get the .22 conversion slide and have everything covered. :lol:

I also like all the different sights, the aftermarket trigger parts, the relative low cost of many replacement parts etc. I have been watching the carbine conversion kits for them too.

While there are many great alternatives, a Glock is still a good choice. ;)



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Thanks Pops. If you don't mind me asking, was your conversion barrel a lone wolf or a storm lake? I want to get a 40 S&W barrel for my G29. The storm lake is about $40 higher than the Lone Wolf.