Glock Gen4 26 and Beretta 21a for sale


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Aug 8, 2011
Hello again,
I've got two new options up on the block.

First off is a pristine gen4 glock 26. I've put about 400 rounds through it with no malfunctions what so ever. Comes with all the goodies from the factory, matching box, papers, three magazines, loader, backstraps, and I'll even through in a KCI G19 Magazine. This one also has the factory glock night sights which are brighter than the trijicons I installed on a walther a few months back. In the pictures the "strange discoloration" you'll see is not a discoloration at all, just how the flash bounced off the slide when I took the picture.

Asking $525 FTF

I also have a Comptac MTAC holster for the G26 that I've used maybe 3 times I'd throw in for an extra $65

Secondly, I've got an older Beretta 21a. It's a little finicky with cheap bulk ammo but has functioned perfectly with stingers. Honestly it's not something I'd trust to carry but it's a fun little range gun, and great for starting kids off shooting (My nieces loved it) All you get with it is the gun and 1 magazine. no box or papers or anything like that.

Asking $200 FTF

Pictures of both guns can be found here.

The glock currently has the extended slide release but will be changed back to a standard release.

Thanks for looking