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Midnight Raver

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As we now have a Glock 22 in the family, I have a pertinent question. When using a cable lock it goes through the magazine well and out the ejection port. While storing it, should the slide be locked back in the open position or in a released position up against the cable? Except while taking the firearms safety course with my wife a few years back I have not really handled a pistol in like 30 years. Back then we only had to worry about trigger locks in these parts for our firearms. My concern was that keeping the tension on the spring with the slide back could weaken it, same concern for partially open while resting on the cable.

I know most of you probably do not even use or need them, but some advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I don't even remember if my glock came with one. When I bought my sig the dealer gave me one.
When I had to register my grandads rifle in my name in this state I was forced to buy one, or forfeit the rifle.
I don't think you could hurt the mainspring either way. You have to clean it on a regular basis anyway, give it a rest overnight when you do.

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I would just let the slide down on the cable gently & leave it be..
I don't use the Glock cables & have a few new in my stash, Both Red & Blue..
The only cable lock I do use is on a Ruger 10/22 in my Pop's olde gun rack & I let the bolt close & am even able to drop the hammer as the Ruger cable lock is so very thin..

I will give you the link to the 2009 Glock Armorers Manual in PDF..
Once the file loads save it to your hard drive.. It's the latest manual & was made before the Gen4 Glocks were added to the line..

Enjoy that G22 & Stay Safe!!
Gary/Glock 17L

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The lock is not Glock product but it was supplied with the pistol. Most kind of our benefactors, since Moscowchusetts requires them for everything. We just want this dandy firearm to stay nice and healthy!

Dirk Pitt

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Well physics tell us that springs are fatigued from being cycled between compressed and decompressed states. Meaning it won't hurt a spring to leave it compressed, the damage is done from constantly compressing and decompressing it.

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Here's what you can do with two of those cable locks..
Put one around the seat mount of your automobile & then If you have to leave your firearm unattended at a school etc. you take the other cable lock & lock it around the other under your car seat.. Of course lock the car & take all ammo out & lock it in the glove box..


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Locking the Glock in the open position prevents you from pulling the trigger and putting the trigger spring to rest as well.

Normal storage requires this.

You could remove the slide from the frame and cable the two parts together. Pulling the trigger after removing the slide will take some learning though to do it correctly.

A Glock Armorer


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Putting the slide back on would only take a second or two but if you go this way you should practice it a lot.
Under stress it will possibly become incredibly difficult to engage the rails properly.