Glock Glock 30


I'm thinking about adding a Glock 30 to my Glock family. Does anyone have one? Like or Dislike? What is the kick like? Thanks!


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I think Frost is the resident glock fanatic (although they do spread quickly :p )

So I'm sure he'll find the thread and be all over it.


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Well I don't have a 30 but I do have a 21.
The 21 is my favorite Glock.
If you have general Glock question perhaps I can help.

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The Glock 30 takes .45ACP, right? If I am not mistaken, the factory 13 round mags from the Glock 21 fit in the Glock 30 as well. I remember reading it in my Glock book I think. Either that or I heard it from Frost a while back.


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Have you considered the Glock 36? it is also .45 ACP, but being a single stack, it holds fewer rounds, will not use the G21 mags, but is considerably thinner for concealment purposes.

I have the the G27, which is a .40 ACP, and it will use my G22 magazines.

One thing you may consider in a Glock is what are the other calibers you can shoot with it.

for example, I can get 9mm and .357 sig conversion barrels for the G22.
on a quick search I didn't find any conversions for the G30



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I have two G30's. Yes, they will take the G21 mags. Recoil isn't bad at all, Glocks seem to absorb recoil better than many handguns of the same caliber. All in all, a nice compact .45.