Glock 29 SF carry gun.


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What do ya'll think??? I'm going to a CWP class next Sunday in Lexington and am starting to look at concealed weapons to buy. All I currently own is a Beretta 96 in .40. I hate .40 and 9mm is usually my go to gun especially since I own an MP5 in 9mm. But I'm building an MP5/10 in the next month or two so I'll have some round commonality. I just really love 10mm.

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I have a customer who hunts deer and pigs with a 10mm. I have seen some of his kills with it. He uses a full size glock 10mm. He has taken game out to 50 yards with it so he says. I have seen pics on his phone of the exit hole. OMG nothing would survive that hole.


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It's got some bite to it. There's no doubt about that. I had a fs Glock 20 as well. Boy that thing kicked. But the power.......damn. I love it. That's why I figured the compact would be awesome for carry.


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thebrasilian said:
That's a big gun for carry. Prepare to be uncomfortable. How do you plan to carry it on a hot summer day in the 100's?
Store it in the freezer :lol:


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I like 10mm and have a Lone Wolf long slide for the 20 I have left.
Carry what you like and like what you carry.
I know more people who carry pocket pistols than anything else.
I occasionally carry a G30 in a belt holster.
How well it carries for you is going to depend on your build.