Glock Glock 27


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(Just had to share)

Ended up trading my Sig P250 for a Glock 27 :D Can't wait to go shoot it for the first time, which should be in about 3 months, lol. Looks like a great little concealable home carry weapon, with significant stopping power. (Yay!) Hubby and I went to the gun show in Columbia afterwards, and he was kind enough to buy some ammo and take it to the range and test it out for me.

We also joined the NRA; cool little perk I didn't know they offered: gun insurance. Woot!


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You can't go wrong with a Glock.
Simple and Rock Solid!
I like guns I can work on myself.
A grip sleeve, a 3.5lb connector, a butt plug, a smooth trigger, and it will be perfect like mine.

The Glock 27 is a "Meat Hammer".
For cheap practice you can get a 9mm conversion barrel from Lone Wolf or even a 22 conversion.
Pops has a 22 conversion for his that shoots good.


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The wife switched from her 19 to a 26 and really enjoys shootin it more than the 19!
I carry a 27 during the hot summer months and enjoy shootin mine too. A little "spicy" but I do like the S&W 40 round.