Glad I live in the South...


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Hey Raver what the hell is going on up there? ... _with.html

Whats the big deal???

- The man arrested had "approximately 20 guns" and "thousands of rounds of ammunition".
- He had "camouflage clothing, knives, bulletproof vests, helmets, and several pairs of handcuffs, stockpiles of medicine and nonperishable foods."
- "An illegal indoor shooting range was also found in the attic, police said."
- He had no criminal record and his license to carry was revoked after police took his cache.


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Good grief i know some have more than he did although I'm not sure about the tear gas or pepper balls tho, Smells like BS to me. He must have done something to piss off his neighbors to prompt something like that. This is a couple months old but I'm curious what has happened since.


Those folks up north have a sompletely different mentality about firearms. They actully think you should have a NEED to own a firearm. Funny how in the 200 or so years they have "forgotten" it is your RIGHT to have one, all other reasons are void.
Frost said:

Not by my standards.
I would be in big trouble if you were only allowed so many guns.
Hell- I got twenty of one kind of gun on the bottom shelf only! Ask Schultz :mrgreen:
And as to ammo, sheeeezzz------- I can't count that high! When it gits over 10k I just count it as --- " a bunch more " :lol:


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Did a google search and appears his wife turned him in. He must have forgot to buy a little jewelry or a gun that she liked.
Ain't love grand.


Hell, I have 1000 rounds stopc for each gun I own except the .22's, I have a lot more for them.
I agree, they must have had a complaint. I have to wonder about the "illegal shooting range"
If you are not charging others to shoot, aren't you just doing what youwant to do in your own home?
hell, it doesn't matter, they can find som elor or ordinance to allow them to do what ever they want to do at the time.
It'll get like that in the south eventually, but toward the end.


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The tear gas and pepperball stuff is a big no-no, as are the police batons. There are restrictions about the discharge of firearms in many towns and all cities due to population density, hence the problem with shooting indoors. In an attic of a condominium though? What a dumbass. Seeing all of the handcuffs with the other verboten items leads one to think he was indeed up to no good- no brainer for the police there. I'm not sure about any limits to the amount of firearms you can own or any ammo possesion cap either. They did however say that they were all legally purchased- if it wasn't for the other crap he might have slid by and got to keep his guns.

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Here is a op-ed piece that is more recent and talks about some of the happenings with this guy. Apprantly he only owned 13 firearms and the "destructive devices" were not so destructive. He sounds less like a nut and more like a normal person when you start to read this article and others of similar nature.

The Masshole press will chastise any person who is seen as conservative, whether or not they actually are. They eat up stories like this since it makes anyone who owns a gun look bad. It is easy to find stories about the "raid" and "gun cache," but it is hard to find the stories in the media where the charges were dropped. They sold the lie and that was the point of the story to begin with.

All of the serious charges against Gregory Girard have been dropped, yet he remains behind bars and denied bail until the people responsible for putting him there can devise a suitable "crime" to justify his imprisonment.

This task shouldn't tax the malicious creativity of the Salem County Prosecutor, given that Girard, a resident of Manchester-by-the-sea, Massachusetts, is a middle-aged male gun owner and unreconstructed "right-wing extremist."

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Low Branch said:
The Masshole press will chastise any person who is seen as conservative, whether or not they actually are.
Quite true indeed.

Just this past monday I saw the front page of the Boston Herald showing a disembodied person holding an MP5(probably one of those GSG-5 .22LR rifles). The headline said something to the effect of "Machine gun sales boom while Bay State works on revising gun laws". Machine gun sales??? We're lucky enough to have the short list of firearms allowed right now, let alone the nonexsistent "machine guns"! Kind of makes "assault weapons" sound more friendly now. I should have bought the paper, it looks like we're in for more crap like what they did in 1998/1999. More safety for the real criminals in the Socialist Republic of Moscowchusetts. :roll:

By the way, thanks for the informative reading there Low Branch! :cool:


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Geesh they can't just apologize and let him go they have to think up something to keep him in. :roll: I bet once he does get out he'll be filing for divorce.

Raver i got one word for ya.......RUN!

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Low Branch, I reside now in what you would know as Lowell- in my house however, we call it Dodge City. You can't always tell if it is fiereworks or firearms going off around here! :?

Shultz, we are trying to make it across the NH border since it is closest to us. It's tough though, the KGB and the GRU are everywhere...

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New Hampshire, Live Free of Die. Even that does not hold much water as more Massholes move there to escape taxation, and in turn make NH just like the MA they ran from.