Gathering reloading equipment

Crunchy Frog

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I have a Hornady LNL-AP but many of my friends have the Dillon 650. It is an excellent press.

Check out Brian Enos' online store for great info on Dillon presses and accessories.
I have the Lee Load Master with a Case & bullet feeder, as close to automated as I can get for the price.
Dump in the cases, dump in the primers tray and shaked, and fill the bullet feeder and press!
However, it requires a LOT of fine tuning and finesse.

The primer tube is a pain , here's a way to fill the primer tube which is one reason I like the Lee.

Let us know how the XL650 goes.


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HarperJt said:
I have two Hornady lock-n-load. I would do it again.

Thanks Jeff... Did some more research and pulled the trigger on a Hornady LNL. Midway sent me an email and it and accessories were on sale, couldn't pass it up.