Galco "Miami Vice" 1911 holster


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I have an almost new(used twice) R.H. holster for the 1911 that fits the Miami Vice sholder holster rig.

This is just the holster...not the whole, if you have a Miami vice rig for your glock, you could shap out the holster and use the same rig for your 1911.

I bought this holster in Columbia on the day we had the upstate shootenfest...It is brown smooth leather...

I used it for my double 1911 rig till I could get a L.H. holster. I just got the L.H. so...don't need this one.

I just paid $91.00 for the new one, so, I will take $50.00 for this one...

Or, might trade for ammo for .45 acp, .44 Special. or .223