FS: Sneaky Pete "PDA" Holster for PF9 (May fit others)


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Nov 17, 2010
Anderson, SC
For Sale:

Sneaky Pete "PDA" Holster for a Keltec PF9 (it may also fit other "pocket" 9mms)

I bought it new and only wore it once, for a few minutes, to try it out. I traded my PF9 shortly after I bought this holster so I never got to use it.

Asking for $40 firm. That's about $10 off the price I paid, not counting shipping.

Looking to do a face to face transaction within the Upstate.

I have one for my Keltec P3AT and love it! I use it for when I can't use a pocket holster, or don't want to.

Example... I like back pocket carry the best, but my blue jeans and dress pants don't have flaps like my cargo pants and shorts. When I need, or want, to tuck my shirt in I like using my Sneaky Pete holster. I don't have to worry about my pocket guns showing at my back pocket line because of not having a shirt tail to cover it up. I know I could carry in my front pockets, but I keep A LOT of other stuff in the front... a big knife, keys, cell phone, mini flashlight, very small wallet, etc.

The Sneaky Pete holster for the PF9 is a bit bigger than the one for the P3AT, but here's a video of the one I have for my P3AT, so you can get an idea of the thing:


Here's the link to the holster on the Sneaky Pete Website:


Here are some pics of the Holster from the site, just in case you don't want to go to the website: