FS Plum Crazy Lower, $125 SOLD

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Complete, about a hundred rounds through her.

CLEANING OUT THE STUFF I DON"T USE!! Kept this around to put a 22lr upper on, but I have too many lowers already and i just built a new one today.

FTF, Im in Greenville, but a reasonable drive is OK, will be in Clinton saturday. I work in Charlotte about a day a week. I have a house at Edisto, so I can deliver near Summerville, Chas, Hollywood, etc. but it will be a few weeks and I WILL require prepayment unless you have bought from me before.

If you are a Felon you can't buy this. If you don't live in SC, you can't buy this. Other than that, you can buy this. CWP preferred, SCDL is accepted as proof of residency.

"I love it here. You don't got to put your coat to go to the bathroom. And your house is always parked in the same place."



FS Plum Crazy Lower, $125

I'm interested please call or text me 864-491-2800. Text is best due to work, if you call please leave a message. I live in Gaffney and work in Duncan so I can meet almost anytime.
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