FS: M57 Yugo Tokarev


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I'm looking to sell or trade my M57 Yugo Tokarev. It's in nice condition for a surplus gun; the finish has some wear, but everything else looks great. All the numbers match, if that's of any concern to you. It's currently wearing a set of walnut Marschal grips, but I've got the originals as well. I've also got two original magazines and five aftermarket mags, though one of the aftermarket mags isn't 100%. Every once in a while it'll eject itself when the gun fires; the mag catch notch is slightly off but can be fixed with a few strokes of a jewelers file, if not it should break in on it's own. I've never had an issue with the other mags.

Included is a sealed spam can (1260 rounds) plus a few boxes of Polish 7.62x25 ammo.


I am located in Beaufort and would prefer FTF only with other SC residents or out-of-staters with a C&R license (I'll have to double check the legality of that though). Asking price is $500, but I might also consider trades; I'd be interested in an AK (preferably Saigas), 1911's, or some kind of deer gun.

Thanks for looking!