FS: Glock 36 SOLD!

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I really don't want to do this, but sometimes your dealt a card, and have to play it... by selling stuff.

I have my Glock 36 up for sale.

It's a single stack compact chambered in .45 ACP, or Glock .45 Slimline as some call it. A very nice .45 for Concealed Carry.

It has about 300 rounds through it, and is in like new condidition.

All the factory stuff will come with it:
Glock Case
2 mags
All the Paper Work
Factory Cleaning rod and brush

Extras that come with it:
TWO (2) - Peirce +1 Round Grip Extensions
(Adds the abiliy to carry one more round in the Magazine and makes the grip almost a full sized grip - http://www.pearcegrip.com/Products/GLOCK/PG-36

Glock 36 Magazine Disassemble Tool - https://www.mygtul.com/products.php?c=89&p=874

No pics yet, as I am at work right now. I can post some later tonight or tomorrow.


Located in Simpsonville. I'm looking to do a face-to-face transaction, with a bill of sale.

Thanks for looking.
Re: FS: Glock 36

I forgot I had a few pictures of the gun on this forum already. They were taken to show the difference between the stock baseplate and the Pierce +1 baseplate/grip extender. They're not the best angles of the gun, but I will get better pics up soon:

Re: FS: Glock 36

Dropping price to $490, as the GUTL magazine tool, one Peirce +1 grip baseplate, and one stock baseplate will not be coming with the gun.

The gun will still come with all the factory stuff, but one magazine will have the Peirce grip +1 baseplate installed and the other will have the factory baseplate installed, like in the pictures.
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