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Hey everyone,

I mentioned the Friends of the NRA Banquet briefly in another post, so I thought I would just give it it's own post.

Here's the deal, if you like guns, gun people, good deals, and supporting the future of our chosen hobby . . .then you really need to check these events out. The long story short is that on April 14th at the Shriners club in Summerville there is a banquet and auction to raise money for the "Friends of the NRA". This is a NRA supported, and volunteer driven event to raise money in SC for youth shooting sports. There are events all over the country, and SC alone has many regional events. I'm involved with the "Lowcountry Friends of the NRA", and we focus on our sliver of the state, but folks come from all over.

There are many awesome reasons to go, but here are just a few...

Last year I picked up a Taurus Tracker in 44 Mag and a Kahr CW9 for $75-$100 below retail during the auction.
There are many fun games where the prizes are guns. Picking up a new bang stick for $20.00 worth of tickets sure sounds fun.
There are folks from the local gun shops, training facilities, gun clubs and more. You might just make a new shooting friend!
Did I mention that the end game of all of this supports 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Jr ROTC programs, and many other youth shooting operations that badly need financial support ?
The forum could actually get its own table. Talk about good advertising to bring in new members!
Forum Supporters - This event is how I found out about the Ammo Dump and East Coast, and have almost exclusively shopped there ever since. That participation has shifted my money out of ATP and Trader World and into them.

I went 2 years ago, and had such a nice time, I have volunteered to help organize it last year and this year. Tickets are purchasable from East Coast or from the website.


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Here is the poster for the event. It does not showcase all the awesome loot available, but this web page has a bunch of the gear available:



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Actually, no.

None of the proceeds of this are used in any legislative or lobbying for the 2A. Any NRA folks I have met are pretty much employees of this division, except Wayne Lapierre, who was last years guest speaker (tough act to follow).

With the exception of any guest speakers, the night is really just a big fund raising gun party.


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Tragically, I can't be there this year. I am out of town for business, and will be getting back Saturday night after 12 hours of air travel (excluding layovers).

Long story short, I just hate air travel, and will be way to whipped to go straight from airport to banquet. However, there will be a forum contingent there, so that is pretty awesome!


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I just returned from the Friends of the NRA Banquet and it was a lot of fun! Pops was there, as was Mark, D&R and his lovely wife, Frost, and my husband and I. The food was good, the speakers were great, the auctions were interesting, and there were some really great guns there both for raffle and for auction. I'm definitely going again next time. Thanks Torontogosh! I hope you'll get to attend the next one too.

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Very good time indeed. I won some cool things for the shop. Spent more than I wanted too but I know it was for a good cause. Good to see all of you.


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Really wish I could have made it this year...

Anyway, next year, when the volunteers get together, I'll put up a post and see if anyone wants to help behind the scenes.

Also, who put up the awesome banner? I'll totally remember that next year, cause it's frankly better than my boring posts to get people's attention.