Free Range time today and Monday


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ATP announced on their facebook that they will be having free range time today and Monday, and that their labor day hours are 10 am to 5 pm.
The family and I will be taking advantage of that today after lunch and bringing in the .22's for a bit of fun.

HHB Guns

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lol...All I got out of this was you're on facebook so I looked though my fan list on my HHB Guns page and I didnt see your smiling face on my list.

You do like HHB Right??? If not my feelers are hurt. lol


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Yes, I am a fan!
By the way, I don't have my picture as my avatar on FB I have a thing that says good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens and happy kids. And I have it in my full name (Nancy-Jane) rather than my nickname.

*****Edited to add******
Apparently when I liked the other page it didn't go through or was the wrong one, I found you through someone who liked the palmetto shooters forum page and then liked you too and I think it's properly done now. I'm sorry, I thought I had you on my list. :?


Why do I always see the "Free range time" posts, the day AFTER they end? Thankfully I have my 90 day blood drive pass still in effect.