Free Gun Try-out At Boggy Head This Monday


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Oct 4, 2009
Hanahan, SC
Frost and I are going to Boggy Head Monday Morning for a little shooting fun...

I am offering some of my guns for use for any member...Come on out and try my guns. All it takes is for you to bring the ammo to shoot. Here is a list of what I will bring:

AK -47 7.62x39
AR-15 .223
Kimber 3" 1911 .45
Springfield 5" 1911 .45
Sig Saur P238 .380
Ruger Mark II .22
Smith&Wesson .44 Magnum
Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R (I will furnish ammo)
Browning Hi-Power 9mm

I would like for you to post here, or, just give me a call, so I will know what to bring...

Now you can try out something that you are interested in without rental costs....or, worn-out weapons...
I can be reached at 843-209-2490