Fps Russia = awesome


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Im not sure if you guys and gals have seen FPS Russia's videos or not but he does some pretty awesome things. Shooting out of choppers, dual wielding glock 18s with tracer rounds. You could literally watch his videos forever. Not sure where he gets his toys but he is for sure connected (taking a TANK through mcdonalds drive through). Anyway ill start you out with some dual wielding AA-12s you can see his channel from there. Have fun!
http://www.youtube.com/user/FPSRussia?f ... OoUVeyaY_8


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I watched him before he got connected with whoever he gets his "toys" from and developed a non like for him.

dont know if he has changed but he used to use some very derogatory remarks about women.

seemed like a smart a** and showed it.


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This so called "Russian" is under regular criticism for his failure to observe basic gun safety (PPE, etc.). Poster boy for "don't try this at home."