Forum Hats


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I am going to place an order for ball caps with the forum logo on them. I sell them at cost which turns out right at $15 when mailed.

I have requests for 6 hats at this time.
Since they're done in a small quantity I can pick any color/thread you want.

Let me know by next wednesday.

Click here to see examples of forum hats



HHB Guns

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I wish we could get some digital camo hats with the logo. Thats what I did my business. A little better for the younger crowd. I dont know how many younger people we have but mine go like hotcakes when I get them.


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I can also say these are great hats. I'm one of the people with a pre-order in. I wear mine a lot for working and shooting. They also make neat gifts for children, sons-in-law, friends and prospective forum members. Buy extra ones, like underwear, you always want clean ones handy. :D