Forum fading away??


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My link to the forum just quit working 2 years ago....I lost all my contacts and friends....I travel around as the wife and I live in a motorhome...We are in North Carolina now....then, lost my phone so them I lost all my contact numbers, I have been out of the loop for forever.....Then, got an email last week that the forum was back.....
Now we must get it going again.....



I haven't been here in a long time. Until 6 months ago I was a GA resident even though my permanent home is SC. Now that I'm an SC resident, I will watch the classifieds as I used to trade a LOT in GA...


I think the more accurate title for this thread would be "The Forum has faded away."
and replaced by two forums that 99.9% cater to North Carolina only. One of which is seemingly dying itself, and the other is extremely petty.

Seen several people banned there including me for minor or nonexistent things, a few immediately after they signed up, they said the head admin taunted them via email after the fact, and after they banned me a head mod bumped an ad I had twice and mocked me after I told them I was still getting email notifications.
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I’m here. I kinda look to respond to interesting activity. Maybe I should start originating some activity and see what happens.


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I’ve only posted a few times but do check in occasionally. My son lives in Charleston and we are considering moving to SC after I retire in a few years.