Forum fading away??


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Nov 30, 2011
I mean, it happens, it was never that busy of a site. However, I suppose we need to spruce the place up a bit, and try to pull some of those facebook folks in.
Jun 5, 2011
It probably didn't help that the page was down for a while. I tend to be more of a lurker than a poster. I guess I'm not helping much myself. :(


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Nov 30, 2011
I check the site every day but I'm not much for posting. I think most of my posts are attempts to contribute some technical info rather than political comments.
I do miss the ShootzenFest range gatherings.
I'm sure we could get a few folks together, and maybe have another event?
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May 25, 2012
Greenville, SC
Don't give up. We need for those still here to come up with ways to spread the word that the forum is active and is a place for SC shooters to exchange ideas, buy/sell, etc. I'm thinking maybe passing out cards or flyers at gun shows, direct email to forum members, maybe spreading the word on some multi-state or national forums...
I do think that something like Shootzenfest could bring back some forum member and activity. If we can't do the big ones like before, maybe on a smaller scale at several sites around the state.
Also, what about sponsors - maybe just a token fee or no fee at first just to get them to help spread the word.

Anybody else have any thoughts?
May 5, 2013
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That is unfortunately the self-fulfilling prophecy of how forums fail. Fewer and fewer people post for this very reason. It's human nature and hard to overcome but it would be great if we could.
I agree and have tried on occasion to start a few threads or add a comment, but alas when a week or more goes by and no response it makes the investment of posting futile. I look at other forums that I post on and see a lot of traffic is not necessarily technical information. A lot seem to be more of general discussion type of things those seem to generate traffic and traffic can lead to more technical topics....or selling stuff...I will keep checking and add what I can.
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Oct 9, 2009
Conway, SC
Being a SC resident I'd like to see this forum become and stay very active. However, I don't think it is moderated very well. There has been a spam post in the Announcements & Support section for 4 days now. And the Administrator hasn't checked in since July 5.

I am part owner of another forum and this forum has a lot more members than ours. But ours is a lot more active. Too bad that this one is not promoted more, it has a lot of potential.
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